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Manuel Diewald Guitar Tuition

This is a useful way for parents to help bring their children into a routine of practicing their instrument. Consistency is key, so focusing on short practice schedules every day rather than longer sessions every other day is going to be more useful in the beginning.

2 and 3 Octave Major and Melodic minor Scales. Use these as your warmup to help accuracy of shifting up and down the fretboard.

This is a daily practice handout to help keep track of your progress while practicing. This is a great way to be consistent and be efficient in the time you use to practice.

Some scales to introduce to beginners who have developed some basic techniques and accuracy of playing.

This is a useful way for any senior/adult to adjust or change their practice schedule to learn as efficient as possible and focus and target their most crucial aspects of their learning that need the most attention.

Here is a scale in 10ths which is the distance of a 3rd, though the 3rd is an octave above, making the interval a 10th.

This distance is commonly used in the guitar repertoire.

This scale will help with the shapes associated to these intervals.

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